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Disposing of Your Used Mattresses in an Eco-Friendly Way

There are tons of companies on the internet offering mattress removal. Many of them claim they will “TRY” to donate or recycle your used mattress. Unfortunately not many are true to their word. Honestly a used mattress is not a hot commodity. It’s a lot easier to bury it than it is to spend the time doing what’s right. All mattresses and box springs handled by us are brought to our facility and deconstructed. CJP Group takes the time to sort, deconstruct and process your mattress and box spring the right way.
We DO what the others “try”!

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The Bed Problem

Many retailers including the “Bed in a Box” companies do not take old bedding away, leaving you with the hassle and hardship of finding a way to dispose of them.

Over 50K mattresses and box-springs are discarded daily in the United States. That’s equal to 400 tractor trailer loads of bedding being buried. Up to 85 % of a mattress can be deconstructed, with the recyclables being harvested and diverted from the landfill.

Our Solution

Serving clients in New Jersey, we strive to maximize diversion of material from the landfill and keep our environment green through the following services:

  • Community Mattress Recycling Events
  • Residential Mattress Pick-Up
  • Proper Mattress Removal and Recycling Services
  • Trailer Service for Larger Mattress Volumes 
  • Hotel, University and Institutional Programs
  • Night and Weekend Services Available

For Hotels and Universities our team works with your mattress vendor to customize a recycling project that meets your specific needs. Including installation of new mattresses.

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